Pinky goat lashes

Hi again my love, hope your doing well!

Today I have a few designs of pinky goat lashes to share with you.

Who are Pinky Goat?

Pinky goat lashes is a brand founded by Maha Morley-Kirk ( @mahamkbeauty ) and Elle Josephine ( @itsanellething ).

This brand is based in the United Arab Emirates and offer worldwide shipping. Which means you can get your hands on them wherever you are!

Currently they have three collections which are the pro lash collection, faux mink collection and mink collection with a total of 25 lashes.

My overall experience…

I’m a sucker for cute packaging… That’s an obvious and my favourite colour is pink so pinky goat instantly appealed to me. I love the fact that they do hand written messages… That personal touch just does it for me!

Their lashes are lightweight, affordable and are of good quality. I have been using them for the past month when I first received them, I personally clean my lashes straight after I use them and return them to the packaging. After a few uses each time I’d honestly say they look as good as new and are as beautiful as when I first received them.

The lashes I received ….


These lashes are from the faux mink collection. They have a thick black band and are thick at the base. The lashes are long and have a wispy crisscross design.  These cost £8 a pair.

Personally I first thought that these would be too long for me as I have small eyes but I was pleasantly suprised to find they make my eyes pop. I wore these with both a winged liner and without liner. I liked both and felt comfortable without liner as the band is thick. I would use these for special occasions. I absolutely love these and plan on repurchasing a pair of these.


These lashes are from the pro lash collection. They have a thin invisible band. These lashes have a shorter inner and outer eye and are longest in the middle. They are long but natural looking. These cost £6 a pair.

I loved wearing these with a very natural eye look as well as a smokey eye look. As they are not so full they give a very natural look, I got lots of compliments about how long my lashes were when I wore these!


These lashes are from the false mink collection. They have a thick black band, they have a medium and long crisscross design. They are thick at the base Til the end. These cost £8 a pair.

I loved these and will repurchase them, they give a thick dramatic look. Again I wore these with and without liner but prefer to wear these lashes with liner. I save these ones for special occasions.


These lashes are from the pro lash collection. They have a thin black band. The lashes start off thin and short and get thicker and longer towards the end of the lashes. These cost £6 a pair.

I punched these lashes gently to give them more of a natural look instead of a very spikey look. I liked the way these looked on me, they suited my small eyes and made my eyes look bigger. These lashes are very dramatic, I paired them with a sparkly smokey eye and it looked amazing ladies.


These lashes are part of the Mink lash collection. They come packaged in a cute box where you can store them later. Mink lashes last longer than normal lashes usually. These are super light weight. Have a thick black band and are thick and long throughout the lash. These cost £13 a pair.

I loved these lashes. They gave me a fuller eyelash look. I was a little more careful when cleaning these because mink lashes last longer and I didn’t want to ruin them.


These lashes are from the Mink lash collection. These are light weight and have a thin band. They start with a short crisscross and end with a long crisscross. These cost £13 a pair.

I wore these during the day with no liner and a bronzed, highlighted look. The lashes helped me achieve a fresh look. They made my eyes appear bigger and gave me a soft look.

Overall I loved pinky goat lashes. I have already got a wish list! I love the look of the following lashes Loubna, Balsam, Ruby and of course I want to get Fulwa and AreejThese as back ups. Finally I’d love to get my hand on their lash applicator which is out of stock at the moment, ladies who wear lashes often or even struggle with applying lashes their lash applicator is what you need!

Follow them on Instagram @pinkygoatboutique

A big thank you to Elle and Maha for sending me some of their lashes to try out. If you’d like to order some from their check out the information above.

Thank you for reading dolls!

Stay safe, stay blessed, until next time!

Henna xo

Back to blogging!

imageHi my loves, how are you? Hope all is well…

Yes, yes, I know it’s been a longg while but I’m back for good! For those of you who follow me on Instagram @hennacheeksxo you would have known that I have not disappeared completely! for those who don’t I apologise, uni has been busy and after that I had some time away on vacation where I relaxed and distressed!

Plans for the future?

I’ve lots coming up… Lots of reviews, hauls and topics to talk about. I’ve slowly been growing my list over the past few months. Id love to hear your input of course! So please drop suggestions and I’d get back to you!

As well as lots of fun things going on, I have decided to start a new topic (if that’s what you’d call it?) called healthy with Henna. I’m sure we all know how it is after the holidays where we’ve indulged a little too much and feel like we need to cut back down. I personally am focussing on weight loss and getting back to the old me and I thought what a better chance than to bring you guys along on the journey with me. So be prepared for lots of tips and tricks over the next coming months on how to keep healthy and how to reduces weight. My personal goal is to loose 2kg a week (yes I know that seems a little harsh) and I am determined to work towards that. At first I will talk about portion control, eating right, excersize and self motivation. I’d love to hear tips from you guys which I can share, as well as hear if any of my tricks and tricks are working for you!

I promise to try posting as much as I can! Thank you so far for all the support, it really does means the world to me, you guys help me to post often! As I said before I’m more active on Instagram but will definitely try to get more active on here! Would like to chat? Or have any questions for me? Feel free to direct message me on Instagram or to email me at

Til then… Stay safe and stay blessed…

Henna xo

Missing in action!

Hi my lovelies….

How are you all?

i know…its been soooooo long….ive been super busy with university and some personal stuff…. i said 2015 would be different but lets be honest… the first two months haven’t be going so well…. for those of you who follow me on instagram ( @hennacheeksxo ) you will be seeing me almost everyday if not more than once a day….

What’s been going on while i’ve been away? well my instagram has been growing… thank you all for the support… i plan on having a giveaway as a little thanks for reaching 1k…. To those who know i’ve been receiving products from lots of lovely companies, so expect lots of product reviews coming your way! Secondly I plan to attend a bloggers hub event (fingers crossed) so I can improve my blog for you guys. Lastly, i plan on being on the healthy path from now on! so i now plan on having updates of eating plans and workout plans. Please note… these are all on my personal experiences so you know, what i think you may not agree….

Hopefully be back very very soon my loves!

Til then look after yourselves…. Hennacheeks xo

Sneaker chains UK

As many of you know I’m an absolute girly girl, I love everything pink, fluffy and cute but what you didn’t know, is that I love trainers. They are so comfy and practical… I’d prefer them over heels most times!

Guys just look at how cute this is…


Sooo cute right?

This will go perfectly onto my keys..

Sneaker chain uk – A new brand that brings something new, different and creative for all those sneakerheads out there’

My brother saw this on my desk and wanted it straight away!

I think I’ll have to get him one too so he doesn’t steal mine!

Check these guys out, you’ll find lots of amazing sneaker products!

Big thank you to Jordan for sending this out to me

Hope you ladies enjoyed this post

Henna xo

Say bye bye to split ends!

Hi my loves! Hope your all doing well!

Today I decided that I would post about something important…split ends! A friend of mine asked me for some advice on split ends and I thought I might as well put together some top tips to help you guys prevent split ends!

  • Removing split ends is always important… A little trim can make a big difference!
  • Before cutting your hair, ensure that you are actually cutting split ends… We often mistake knots for split ends…comb through your hair thoroughly and inspect the end s of your hair!
  • To avoid more split ends ensure that when you are trimming your split ends, that you are using the correct tools, hair shears NOT paper scissors… Using regular scissors can fray your hair leading to more split ends in the long run
  • Regular hair cuts! This helps to reduce the split ends and leave you with healthy hair…regular cuts depends on each individual and their hair growth…it’s recommended to get a hair cute every six to eight weeks…for those of you who have fast growing hair (like mine) might choose to cut your hair yourself (or go to the hairdresser if your lucky) every three or four weeks!
  • Stay way away from these products which say that they “fix” split ends….once your hair is split it becomes dead hair.. And we all know that once something is dead it won’t come alive… These products make the hair ‘seem’ better by sealing the hair but after long periods of time makes split ends worse!
  • If you decide to cut your hair yourself, cut your hair at least a quarter inch above the split…if you cut just above the split end it is more likely to split again as that part of your hair is still damaged
  • Looking after your hair is always important when it comes to split ends…if you neglect them they’ll only get worse…
  • Protect your hair on a daily basis by using heat protectant…this doesn’t just apply to hair straightners and curlers…this also applies to drying hair…as times have evolved so has technology…hair dryers can be very hot and damage your hair
  • Sleep with your hair tied up, this decreases tangles and breaking of the hair
  • try to stay away from colouring your hair…if you love colouring your hair no problem! Just condition more than before…
  • If your on holiday… Water changes from country to country…your hair may not like counter this ensure that you condition well and use less chemicals on your hair
  • If you live in a hot country, or you are visiting a hot country, protect your hair, wear hats or look for conditioners which have sunscreen (some leave in conditioners have this) this will keep your hair looking healthy and protected from the sun
  • Find a shampoo and conditioner which works for you…this may be hard and you might find yourself looking through loads before you feel the right one but it will make your hair become healthy
  • Wash your hair PROPERLY…right you must be thinking huh? There’s a right and wrong way to wash your hair? Well yes and no… If your trying to keep away from split ends it is advised that you wash the scalp hair (rubbing shampoo in your scalp and really getting in there) but when it comes to the ends it is advised that you leave your hair hanging down your back. When you wash your scalp the shampoo falls from the top to the hair strands… We often make the mistake of washing our ends too much and damage our hair… Big NO NO if your use to washing your hair by pulling all onto your scalp and scrubbing roughly… Conditioner should be applied in the tail of the hair (I call it a tail…I think the real word is length)
  • Your hair should be washed with the coolest water possible ( yes I know what?! I literally just found this out) using hot water or warm water gets rid of the moisture in the hair…if you have dry hair I would recommend you try this!
  • let your hair get oily! Yes! Leaving your hair to get oily or greasy is very good for your hair…natural oils are good as well as oils which we can apply to our hair… I personally leave my hair naturally oil mostly in winter, I usually wear hats so no one can see my scalp and even if it is a little greasy no one can see… Alternately I use almond oil in my hair once a week or once every two weeks depending on my weekends… I usually put almond oil in my hair on Thursday as soon as I get home from university…I tie my hair in a cloth and sleep with the oil in my hair…Friday morning I wash it out all fresh and clean!
  • dry your hair gently…I personally do not use a towel because I feel that my hair is very fragile and the texture of a towel is to tough… I usually take a clean tshirt to wipe my hair (sounds odd I know, but it works!) I squeeze my hair before getting out of the bath…I then softly wipe my hair with the tshirt…I find hat the tshirt is softer on my hair and also that it absorbs a lot more of the water
  • dry your hair on the lowest heat possible…heat removes moisture from the hair so keep this in mind!
  • stop teasing and back combing your hair…this is the worst thing which you can do to your hair
  • use a comb for untangling your hair instead of a brush…this is a little more gentle on your hair meaning less breaks
  • do not over comb your hair…when it is untangled stop…many people overcomb their hair which results in breakage
  • use accessories which are good for your hair, hair bands which have the metal centre are not good as they tangle your hair and cause damage when you take them out of your hair

Hope you guys learnt new things and that this post was helpful to you… I would love to hear if you guys had any more tips!

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Until next time!


Inglot Lipstick Palette <3

Hi againnnn loves..

I’m trying to get all the swatches up of the beautiful things I got at imats… a lovely young lady emailed me and really wanted me to do the inglot one asap!

Inglot freedom palettes are empty palettes which you can fill in with the choice of YOUR product. These palettes come in different sizes and can hold all types of products such as Lipsticks, eye shadows, Blushers (and more I think?)

At IMATS this stand was superrrr crowded… when the lines and crowding went down we attacked the stand. I think choosing a palette takes time… I would have loved to get another palter but after a while it got busy again and I had enough of crowds for a day!

I choose five colours which I thought I would use often, I also thought about my holiday to Mauritius and how practical it would be for me to just have a palette in my handbag when I was on the go.

The lady at the stand handed us a magnetic board where we would put our chosen shades on. These are the colours I choose:-

From L to R : 49, 516, 27, 33, 517

From L to R : 49, 516, 27, 33, 517

  • 49 is a deep bhurghandy with red tones and a lipstick finish
  • 516 is a deep plum colour with a matte lipstick finish
  • 27 is a true red with a lipstick finish
  • 33 is a fuchsia pink with a lipstick finish
  • 517 is a deep pink with a matte finish

Overall I really love this palette and I use it very often! I can’t wait to use this throughout the fall! I look forward to a trip to inglot and purchasing some more freedom palettes!

I’d love to hear which palettes you have and what colours you’ve choosen!

Till next time… Henna xo

Nars Velvet Matte Lip pencil swatches

Hey loves…
Todays post is a quick swatch and thought on the three colours which I have from Nars Velvet Matte lip pencils ( a bit of a mouthful!) Overall I think these are amazing and I have my eyes on a few other colours!

I picked up these three Velvet Matte Lip Pencils from IMATS. They came in a pack for £15. YES… you heard right… £15… they are a little smaller than the one in the stores but hey it’s a bargain and I doubt ill use up these let alone the normal sized ones! These usually retail for £18 each (now you understand my excitement!)

All of these lip pencils have a matte finish but are hydrating and do not give you that dry feeling like some matte products. Nars have really done an amazing job on these!


Light swatches of Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencils Left to right: Marina, Sex Machine & Damned

Light swatches of Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencils Left to right: Marina, Sex Machine & Damned

  • Marina is a beautiful nude mid tone brown colour I would pair this with a very neutral eye look
  • Sex Machine (such a naughty name!) is a lovely light pink colour I think this is perfect for a Smokey look
  • Damned (my favourite colour of the three) is a beautiful burgundy colour, Will be perfect for the coming fall!


Heavier swatches of the three velvet matte lip pencils mentioned above....

Heavier swatches of the three velvet matte lip pencils mentioned above….

When you apply the lip pencil heavier they start of being quite a creamy texture but then dry into a matte after a while! I prefer to apply these light in the day and apply them more to give a darker colour for evenings out!

Hope you enjoyed reading this post

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